Birth to 5th Grade


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We love and value children here at Word of Life! Kid Life is a place where children come to learn about and get to know Jesus, make friends, and grow up confident in who God created them to be. Our Kid Life volunteers work hard to create an engaging and safe environment for your children. Our volunteers enjoy working with children, and to ensure our children’s safety each volunteer has been nationally background-checked. Kid Life curriculum and classrooms are carefully designed to help children experience God’s love through Bible stories, songs, crafts, and age-appropriate activities. Our goal in Kid Life is to partner with parents in pointing children to God so they will make Jesus the King of their hearts and Boss of their lives.

Kid Life is available for ages birth through 5th grade. To check your children in, you can take them to the Kid Life Lobby and greeters will help check your children into the kiosks where you will be given a ticket which is required to have in hand to pick them back up from their age appropriate classrooms.  We also have a Mother’s Lounge with a live video feed of our service available for nursing mothers along with a Kid Life security team that walk the halls to ensure your children’s safety during service.

Feel free to contact our Family Ministry Pastor Kaleb Haub at, or contact the office at 406-655-2002 for more information.

Action Bible Devotional

SUNDAYS AT 10:45am

Contact: Kaleb Haub –


We are excited to partner with “Think Small Ministries” and “The Action Bible” in order to field test the “Action Bible Devotional”.  The Action Bible Devotional is a devotional created by Think Small based off of the Action Bible.  I personally have been reading through the Action Bible with my son over the past three years.  It’s a great fully illustrated Bible that perfectly fits K-5th grade students.  It’s no longer a ‘baby’ Bible and neither is it an ‘adult’ Bible filled with thousands of words.  The Action Bible is well done and does a great job of communicating the heart of each story as well as giving historical and cultural context as needed.  It’s an enjoyable read and is really well illustrated that draws in the attention of both the parent and child.  

Beginning on Sunday October 4th we will have a once a month parent meeting in between services starting at 10:45 in Suite 1.  Each month we will give you a binder with 20 devotionals in it for that month.  Each devotional does a great job of quickly recapping the story as well as giving you 3-8 questions you can ask your child.  Then it helps lead you into a prayer based off of what you just read.  My son and I have been testing out the devotionals and we do like them as it helps us grab onto the lesson of the story better and it has created a few good conversations.

We will have a sign up sheet for you in the kids foyer as well as at the Kid Life fall launch table.  We want to highly encourage you to do this Action Bible Devotional with us as a church community especially if you are not thrilled with what you are currently doing with your children at home.  Normally the Action Bible sells for roughly $20, we will be selling them to you for $10.

Feel free to contact our Family Ministry Pastor Kaleb Haub at, or contact the office at 406-655-2002 for more information.






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