Krista Davis | Care Ministry

Krista brings years of ministry experience to the table, she has helped to develop and teach marriage communications workshops, developed a marriage mentorship program, has set up 2 different women’s ministry programs, served on staff in the children’s ministry department and has been a guest speaker for various churches, organizations, and events.  In the community Krista has also served on the board of CHEC, and has directed a YMCA after school program. She is passionate about helping couples make and maintain healthy, happy marriages, and helping individuals unravel the “knots” in their lives.  Krista loves her husband Stu who she married in 1978, her 3 daughters, their 8 grandkids, and enjoys sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidering, reading, and camping.  Instead of ice cream she prefers tapioca pudding.  If she could do anything else besides Pastoral Care ministry she would be a travel writer.