Women’s Ministry


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A Letter from Krista Davis about the heart of Women’s Ministry:


We are about to embark on another Bible study season. As the time draws close my heart becomes more joyful. Women’s Bible Study will meet Wednesday evenings at from 7-8:30pm and Thursday mornings from 9:00-10:30am. We provide childcare for the Thursday morning study.

This year our study will be ‘Building a House of Prayer,’ focusing on developing our prayer lives. Each week we’ll examine a different method and model of prayer. Our homework for the year will mostly consist of practicing the discipline of prayer according to the weekly model.

I think as Christians most of us realize the importance of prayer, but perhaps have not been trained in the systematic methods of prayer.

I believe if we know the benefit and blessing of prayer, we will devote ourselves even more to learning how to pray. The Bible promises us that God will come near us when we go near to God. —- “Come near to God and He will come near to you.” (James 4:8) Getting closer to God requires training.

As we learn to apply proper techniques of prayer in our personal life, we will experience the benefit and blessing of prayer. The more we pray, the healthier our spirit will be, the more we will enjoy being together with God.

Last year we focused on God’s story, written down for us, in the Bible. This year we’ll focus on developing personal relationship with Him through prayer. This study is a natural “next-step,” completing what we began last year.

This is another study of which you can jump in anytime. In other words, each week’s lesson is not dependent on the one before. Every prayer model is complete unto itself.

Periodically throughout the year we’ll have special events which will always be posted. Fun events!

My prayer and my belief is that as we delve into prayer, the holy place of our soul will be strengthened. We will connect with the lover of our soul on a deeper level. We’ll connect with each other on a deeper level. We will, in fact, be building a house of prayer.

May God bless us all,