Jessica Welch | Communications & Youth Ministry

Growing up, Jessica helped her parents with two previous church plants and has done many church internships. She graduated from LIFE Pacific College with a B.A. in Biblical Studies and a double minor in Music/Worship & Cross-Cultural Studies. She oversaw the Missions Dept. at LIFE Pacific College, has worked at Foursquare Missions International and has served in youth, worship, and administrative ministries. She is passionate about mentoring youth, worshiping God through music and creative arts, and bringing structure to new ministries. Jessica married her best friend Eddy Welch in 2010, and they have two beautiful boys, Elijah and Liam!  When not doing church related activities, Jessica can be found working out at the gym, spending time with her family, baking, or playing music. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is Vanilla Bean and if she were not in ministry she would be a trainer on the Biggest Loser.