Eddy Welch | High School Pastor

Eddy is passionate about people living fully transformed lives and about people being intellectually grounded in their faith. He graduated from LIFE Pacific College with B.A. in Biblical Studies and a minor in Music/Worship. Eddy served as a youth leader for a number of years at his home church in Gilroy, CA before going to Bible college.  He loves music, playing on the worship team, health and fitness, and animals. Some of his hobbies include working out, drinking water, video games, hanging out with his wife, philosophy and theology, learning, and reading. Eddy is originally from California and moved to Montana in 2010 which is also when he married his wife Jessica.  They now have two boys, Elijah & Liam. Ice cream flavors that can be found in Eddy’s bowl include Mint Chocolate Chip, & Moosetracks. If Eddy were not serving as the youth pastor at Word of Life he would be one of three things: a traveling Christian debater/speaker, a professional soccer player in Europe, or a professional musician in a band.