South Side Christmas Store

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This month we are collecting gifts to be used at the South Side Christmas Store, sponsored by CLDI. These gifts will be sold at a much reduced price on December 9 at the Orchard School. The Christmas Store is intended as a way of empowering parents and providing a sense of pride and accomplishment through a dignified means of purchasing Christmas gifts for their children. We will be collecting these gifts at Word of Life through Nov. 26.

Gifts to buy:

Sports equipment, bikes, skateboards, scooters, helmets, children’s/family board games, art & craft supplies, standard “toys” for elementary age children (legos, dolls, remote controlled cars, NERF guns, etc.), DVD’s (age appropriate), and educational items.

Gifts NOT to buy:

Stuffed animals, clothing of any sort, backpacks, hats, gloves, coats, and anything used.

In buying gifts, please keep in mind that volunteers will have to sort, price and stock items in a make-shift store.  Thus, small items (knickknacks, pencils, etc.) are not encouraged as sorting and pricing of such items is very time consuming.